Botanopia : Everything you need to know about cultivating avocado pits


Text : Sarah / Biutiful Creative Studio – Photos : Botanopia / Biutiful Creative Studio

Botanopia, or the brand that turns little seeds into giant trees (maybe, if you really, truly believe…).

Based in the Netherlands, Botanopia reinvents the way seeds are cultivated through original botanical accessories. First by creating porcelain plates designed for making seeds germinate in water, the brand now offers several items : from stakes to stationery including fertilizer. Avocado, mango, lychee pits, walnuts, chestnuts, peanut, beans, cacti and many more, with Botanopia you can grow anything : you just need to add a little water, patience, and a lot of love. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about avocados, or rather how to cultivate their pits. 

For that you’re gonna need a Botanopia germination plate in size L, that you simply place on the opening of a pretty glass or a small vase. Made of porcelain, by hand and in Europe, the plate allows the pit to hang just above the water level, to develop roots without letting the seed rot.

A pit that’s been nicked by a knife of partially cut can still germinate, the black mark on the cut is only oxidization.

Tip: Peeling the pit and removing the thin brown layer allows for a faster germination process by a week or two. If after that the pit turns green, don’t worry, it only shows it’s been in contact with sunlight. 

Once the pit has sprouted, beautiful green leaves have appeared and roots have grown in the water, what’s left to do? 

If you like seeing roots grow through water, you can very well leave it there, the seedling will live as well as in soil, if you renew the water regularly (once a week) to oxygenate it. To bring the plant all the minerals and nutrient it needs, add a few drops of fertilizer in the water : the fertilizer by Botanopia is made from organic sugar beet, but any type of non-chemical organic fertilizer can be adapted.

Or you can obviously plant your plant in soil. You’re going to need a pot with a hole for runoff, and if it’s not pierced, you can add a layer of clay beads at the bottom to ease drainage. Then you need to add potting soil at the bottom of the pot, place your plant, and fill the pot. How deep you plant the pit in the soil has no impact on the growth, it’s only an esthetic choice. Once it’s fully grown and drained from its energy, the pit will naturally turn into compost and be absorbed in the soil.

For a wilder, more leafy effect, you can plant several pits and seeds in the same planter.

Make sure you water your plant frequently during the first weeks, in order to integrate it at best in its new environment. Feel free to cut the stem, at any height, to stimulate the growth of side branches and make your plant even more luxuriant.

Because it’s a tropical plant, the avocado tree likes high temperatures. Therefore it’s necessary to keep it under direct sunlight all year round and to leave it indoors if the temperature is less than 10°C outside. If the leaves become brownish red, it means the plant is receiving too much light, try to filter it more.

In Mexico or even in Chile, in ideal farming conditions, it takes at least 7 years for an avocado tree to reach maturity and produce fruit. If you were thinking about savoring homemade guacamole with your very own living-room avocados, you’re gonna need a little patience. Then just grow your avocado tree for fun, for the love of nature, because it’s entertaining and lovely to grow life with your own hands. And in addition to that you’ll have a beautiful plant in your living room. 

You’re still having doubts ? When do I have to plant the pit into soil? How do I water it? How do I prune it? What type of avocado should I choose? Does it have to be organic? … 

You’ll find all the answers you need, detailed advice and even a demonstration in the video by Botanopia : 

Cultivation has never been that simple and fun. The brand also offers kits, tips and different tools to help you grow your own floating forest (or at least a little garden for starters). A gift for a loved one or to yourself, Botanopia will definitely charm any nature lover. 

Complete organic plant nutrient by Botanopia
Complete organic plant nutrient
Germination plate by Botanopia
Germination plate

Mixed seeds for germination by Botanopia
Mixed seeds for germination

The cyanotype kit by Botanopia
The cyanotype kit
Complete organic plant nutrient by Botanopia
Complete organic plant nutrient
Deluxe gift box by Botanopia
Deluxe gift box