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Biutiful - Palo Santo Holy Wood


Palo Santo or “Holy Stick” is a natural wood aromatic incense used for centuries by the Incas and indigenous people of the Andes as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing, as well as to get rid of evil spirits and misfortune, as well as for medicinal purposes. It has a fine citrus aroma with underlying notes of frankincense, its close relative. It is often used by shamans in sacred plant spirit ceremonies. You can therefore use it to chase bad spirits away from your open space or purify your evil teenager’s bedroom.


Light it up, put it on a saucer, an ashtray, well something that will not catch fire. It’s gonna burn for a while, then go out on its own. So you will need to light it again if you need to RE-purify the place you’re in.

Palo Santo holy wood sticks are sold by the piece or by bunch of 13.

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