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Gift Card


Sometimes it’s hard to find the right gift:

– When you’ve been browsing our website for a whole hour but can’t seem to make a decision

– When you’re trying to make a gift to someone who’s definitely too picky to take the risk of choosing yourself

– When you have to make a gift to someone you don’t know (that much) or whose house you’ve never been to, and “all tastes and colors are found in nature” yeah right

– You just like to keep things simple

Pick the right amount for your gift card, let us know if you want us to write who it’s from/for, and we’ll send you the giftcard all nicely wrapped up.

Valid for 6 months on the website and in our shop.
Can’t be exchanged or refunded.

Clear selection
> We deliver worldwide. Europe 3-6 days. US 5-8 days. See details.



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