The best for your plants
Here at Biutiful when we love something, we go all the way. And since we display plants in our boutique (also available to order), it only seemed logical to us to offer you the best items to take good care of them. Because, yes, plants need to be taken care of. Just a bit. The products we sell are also the one we use for our own plants. And we have loads of them.
The Nirvana compost is the perfect base to grow your plant in the best conditions. Well, your plant, fruit or veggie, since it is organic breeding friendly. From March to September, the Elixir Divin fertilizer will supply all the essential nutrients for beautiful and healthy plants. Comfortable in their own leaves if you will. For a fertilizing Blitzkrieg, opt for the Black Elixir fertilizer.
To water our plants with style , we use the chicest watering cans : Haws. Manufactured in England since 1886, they are reliable, practical, and oh so pretty!