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So splendid it sounds like a quote from Pinterest. (it is actually a quote from Pinterest)
Our homes, your home, it often says a great deal about yourself. You hoard all kinds of things, colors, styles, memories, wonders or eyesores (hopefully the amount of wonders > eyesores. Otherwise there might be a slight issue with taste here, we strongly urge you to visit the BOOKS section).
Well anyways just to let you kow that’s what we love. This mix of many things, creating originality. What makes it great when you put a pillar candle from CIRE TRUDON next to a palm tree lamp. Or a DOUK-DOUK knife with a dandelion paperweight. What makes your living room look a little less like an Ikea showroom. And for the final touch – or because there’s a funny smell in your house (direct shortcut to the HOME SCENTS page), you can collect scented candles from ASTIER DE VILLATTE, CIRE TRUDON or MAD&LEN.
And then, your house will feel like home.