Our decoration universe to make your home a unique place

Your home, our home, it often says a lot more about you than anything else. We pile up all sorts of things, styles, colors, souvenirs, wonders and eyesores. That’s what we love. That mix that creates originality. The one that makes a Cire Trudon candle next to a palm tree lamp work. That makes a Douk Douk knife with a John Derian paperweight work as well. And what could we say about Astier de Villatte ceramics and Antoinette Poisson domino papers! Let’s not forget the gorgeous Screen ceiling light by Market Set.  Decoration, plants, tableware, ceramics, lights, planters, we have gathered the most original, poetic and creative objects by designers we love such as Astier, Market Set, John Derian but also Madam Stoltz, House Doctor, HK Living or Serax.