Founded in 1643, the Maison Trudon crafts candles in a traditional fashion using bees wax, as the epigraph inscribed on their glasses states : "Deo regique laborant", meaning "They labour for God and the King". A high standard wax that will catch Louis XV's eye himself, turning Trudon into no less than the Royal Wax Manufacturing Company. Later, Trudon will even enter the imperial court. One would think the emergence of electricity would have put the Company in distress right? Well, one would be wrong. Trudon kept supplying – and still does – the grand cathedrals and churches of France, exporting their products internationally, and since 2007 -renamed Cire Trudon – becoming a household name of luxury scented candles. Currently, Cire Trudon offers over 30 different scents. The muses of the seminal candles were members of the royalty, sulfurous heroines, and charismatic History protagonists. The scents are powerful, unusual, poetic. Not all scented candles are alike, there is no better proof than lighting a Trudon or an Astier de Villatte candle to realize we're not just making a pointless statement. See for yourself, discover the complexity, the intensity, the signature of your new candle.



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