Beauty from stones

A holistic brand for well-being, Sentara was founded in 2007 by Mayia Alleaume, an international makeup artist. Originally from the French Pays-Basque region, she was raised between water and rock, and was very young when she took an interest in the plants’ virtues of beauty and health. Incidentally, in Basque language, Sentara means « common sense, what is good for you ».

From the Beaux-Arts school, she naturally leans towards a makeup artist career where she meets enriching people, from makeup artists to models. Passionate about aromatherapy and a fan of natural products, she widens her knowledge of beauty and stones as here experiences go by, until creating her own beauty brand.

Sentara aims to bring you peace, comfort and Love through a line of Gua Shas, Rollers, Galvanized water flasks and a lot more.