Makeup brand Manasi 7 was created by Susanne Manasi, a Swedish makeup artist who met the challenge of offering a range or professional quality organic products. And such a lovely packaging! Each Manasi 7 product is made of oils, butters and organic vegetable waxes. The formulas are 100% biodegradable, so one the product is rinsed off, there are no harmful consequences in nature.

7, it's the number of commitments Susanne Manasi made to elaborate her makeup range : SLOW, SELECT, PURE, NATURAL, SIMPLE, SYMBIOTIC, CONTEMPORARY. Every product can be used by itself or mixed, so you can reach the ideal shade you want or the one that suits your skin perfectly, for a natural or sophisticated effect. About the packaging – besides being beautiful (I'm repeating myself but really, they're truly beautiful) – they're recyclable and reusable, and as natural as possible (the jars are made of plant cellulose derived from wood from sustainably managed forests. No materials from the petroleum industry or derivatives).
A luxurious brand, organic and professional quality products, and attention to detail every step of the production. Flawless.