It was in 1988 that Belgian designer Martin Margiela founded his Maison, and quickly became one of the most avant-garde stylists of his generation. Maison Martin Margiela is marked with a strong visual identity, in their collections or their stores, through the frequent use of the famous “Blanc de Meudon”, a color you can see in their fashion shows as much as worn by shop assistants in their stores. Futuristic clothing, mixing the materials, monochrome mindset…

Inspired by what was at first a labelling system for his productions, made up of numbers from 0 to 23 (6 for women’s clothing,10 for men, 22 for shoes), they launch in 2010 the line called 3, a collection of fragrances from which the first perfume (untitled) was born, followed by (untitled) l’eau, in 2011. One year later, the maison launches Replica that’s first made of three women’s perfumes: “Flower Market”, “Beach Walk” and “Funfair Evening”; and a new Replica collection was released in 2016 with “Across Sands”, “Dancing in the Moon”, “Flying” and  “Soul of the Forest”.



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