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HK living

HK Living, Dutch brand founded in 2009, produces a wonderful line of home accessories and furniture that are particularly original. Inspired by elements of the past, the brand keeps and eclectic spirit and sometimes unexpected by using the latest materials and decorative finishing touches.
As far as possible, HK Living wants to maintain the authenticity of its products. By choosing the right wood, for instance, they not only select woods that are FSC-certified but also woods that are naturally sustainable. Because of that, many HK Living products are made of recycled teck and mango tree wood. Not generally know, mango trees have a relatively short lifespan, only producing fruits for 6 years to then be cut down and replaced. And that is that superfluous wood that HK Living likes to use to make many of its products.
Even though recycled teck items may show signs of recuperation or imperfections, like marks of nails, that’s what makes the charm of the product!