With plants, like with everything actually, we prefer the rare or weird ones because we find them much more charming. And so we go and chose them by ourselves and bring our favorites back to you. Then we water them, spray them, move them to various places, we watch them bloom or grow new leaves. Basically, we take good care of them, right before they get to their (your) home.
When you take it with you, each plant comes with its little survival guide: the recommended exposure and watering.
And also, if you have an inspiration, we take note of your orders and as soon as we can we’ll bring you your dream plant, carefully selected from one of our suppliers.
Our love for dried flowers also came from photography, kinda like our passion for house plants.
Often used for photo atmospheres for our clients or even on our e-shop. Hours spent photographing them! We were bound to form bonds. We’d been wondering where to find bouquets, the perfect ones of course. So we quickly decided we were gonna arrange them ourselves.
We made a selection of the flowers we found the most poetic, to create the simplest bunches.