Bastille, it's first and foremost a bet. A bet that Marie-Hortense, the founder, placed with herself in 2019 : creating a natural perfume brand. Originally considered an almost impossible challenge, it was highly met with two key words: nature and transparency. A true revolution in the world of perfumery, Bastille reveals the entirety of the composition of its perfumes. They all consist of 95% natural ingredients, the remaining 5% being synthetic molecules completely hazard-free for the skin.
The brand make the totality of their products in France, according to a process that minimizes its impact on the planet (recycled cardboard packagings, certified organic, fair trade ingredients, …). The perfumes are imagined in Paris, made in Grasse and bottled in Chartres by French artisans, who share the same commitment towards the environment than the brand.
What we love about Bastille is their originality, their energy, their transparency and of course, their responsible commitment for the natural.