Cookbooks, one of my great passions! Even more so when they’re about vegetarian cuisine. And when they’re ALL about vegetables, well, you can guess… I love cooking but only when I have time, so I’ll generally keep it simple and I’m not gonna try to innovate. I eventually forgot about the different ways you could […]

By Ludovic Diorioon 30 September 2020

Botanopia, or the brand that turns little seeds into giant trees (maybe, if you really, truly believe…). Based in the Netherlands, Botanopia reinvents the way seeds are cultivated through original botanical accessories. First by creating porcelain plates designed for making seeds germinate in water, the brand now offers several items : from stakes to stationery […]

By Ludovic Diorioon 30 September 2020

Come discover the newest perfume by Aésop, and the story of its genesis in the latest issue of Cereal.       Cereal issue 19   Perriand commença à construire son propre chalet dans la station de Méribel en 1960, même si le projet ne fut achevé qu’en 1978, faute de fonds. La maison est un […]

By Ludovic Diorioon 25 June 2020

If I had to choose one drink, only one, for the rest of my days, I’d pick coffee – with milk (okay yes water of course but it’s not as sexy) (and make it plant-based milk, let’s leave cows alone). After the gorgeous line of cups, coffee brewers and accessories by Kinto, simple and refined […]

By Ludovic Diorioon 17 June 2020

OVERSIZED SWEATSHIRT ZEBRA Ragdoll LA Ragdoll founder Lisa Larson, Swedish designer and former globetrotting fashion-buyer, started the brand to fill the void of vintage inspired pieces that offer an evolved, effortless sophistication with the sexy edge of rock n’ roll. HOLIDAY BAG WHITE ZEBRA Ragdoll LA SWEATSHIRT HORSE PRINT Ragdoll LA With an aesthetic that […]

By Ludovic Diorioon 11 May 2019

For lovers… of books? Or how to make a special gift to celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Ludovic Diorioon 15 February 2019
Kissed with vintage but definitely original, the Screen cane suspension, designed by French design team Market Set, will spread its half high design, half handmade aura into your home. Sculptural, aerial and stylish, it will elevate your decoration, bringing it a serious aesthetic guarantee. Its delicate light diffused through hundreds of alveoli is both soft [...]
By Ludovic Diorioon 25 June 2018

A clean composition and perfect colors: Habit nail polishes are available at Biutiful!

By Ludovic Diorioon 23 June 2018

Shooting by Biutiful – Zoe Karssen / Anine Bing / Celeste Mogador / Garçons Infidèles / Pascale Monvoisin.

By Ludovic Diorioon 28 June 2017

Céleste Mogador, it’s kinda like having poetry embroidered on your jewel.

By Ludovic Diorioon 10 May 2017