Playlist : Carol / Biutiful Creative Studio – Photo : Ludo / Biutiful Creative Studio

By Carolon 4 February 2021

Playlist and photo : Céline & Ludo / Biutiful Creative Studio Turn up the musicTurn down the drama

By Célineon 12 December 2020

Stay home. Stay cool.

By Célineon 9 December 2020

Your beauty assistants reveal all their secrets…

By Ludovic Diorioon 25 June 2020

Self-massaging your face, or facial yoga.

By Célineon 25 June 2020

Makeup – quick and easy – for Glow accessible to all.

By Célineon 25 June 2020

Text : Céline / Biutiful Creative Studio What you must not do, or at least avoid. Try not to drink alcohol, it’s definitely not friends with radiance. Okay so, do I really have to say it… don’t smoke. Tobacco smoke truly is your body’s nemesis (Inside and outside, it darkens everything in its path). Using […]

By Célineon 28 April 2020

The Glow comes from within, too.

By Célineon 28 April 2020

A salon treatment, with a real skin professional, have you ever tried that?

By Célineon 25 April 2020

Let’s stay in the care area, and let’s move on to the evening routine…

By Célineon 15 April 2020