Manasi 7 is a high-end beauty product brand that combines the quality of conventional beauty with the nurturing properties of natural, organic and wild ingredients; while offering sensory and very colorful formulas and shades. The term “earthy tones” is used to describe colors and shades that come from nature. Those warm or cold tones can […]

By Ludovic Diorioon 30 September 2020

Botanopia, or the brand that turns little seeds into giant trees (maybe, if you really, truly believe…). Based in the Netherlands, Botanopia reinvents the way seeds are cultivated through original botanical accessories. First by creating porcelain plates designed for making seeds germinate in water, the brand now offers several items : from stakes to stationery […]

By Ludovic Diorioon 30 September 2020

Discover where and how the incense by Astier de Villatte is made.

By Ludovic Diorioon 30 September 2020

By Thaïs For this piece, let’s discover Ma Thérapie, a clean skin care brand with a universe that deserves to be known and an attractive packaging.  This beautiful French brand of organic cosmetics and nutritional supplements was created by Céline Julien, a naturopath who is also specialized in aromatherapy. After her office experience, she decided […]

By Ludovic Diorioon 17 June 2020

The “dominoterie” is the process of designing and making printed wall papers, also called “Papiers dominotés” or “dominos”. A hand-crafted technique that dates back to the 18th century. Back then, the dominos were printed by the sheet with engraved boards. Those sheets, that were 32 by 42 cm, were enhanced with colors by hand or with […]

By Ludovic Diorioon 12 July 2019

While here the summer’s slowly ending, there still are a few things we can enjoy…

By Ludovic Diorioon 28 September 2018
It was in the course of an evening as moist as a 1976 Stooges pogo that we dragged our dinosaur tattoos and busted sneakers in an AC-deprived movie theater, enticed by the prospect of witnessing a celluloid sidereal punk delirium. How To Talk To Girls At Parties, sort of conceptuel art / Paco Rabannesque latex [...]
By Ludovic Diorioon 8 July 2018
Kissed with vintage but definitely original, the Screen cane suspension, designed by French design team Market Set, will spread its half high design, half handmade aura into your home. Sculptural, aerial and stylish, it will elevate your decoration, bringing it a serious aesthetic guarantee. Its delicate light diffused through hundreds of alveoli is both soft [...]
By Ludovic Diorioon 25 June 2018

Each one of these ethereal 1.6 x 1.6 in. cubes enfolds a plant in acrylic resin, a beautiful botanical sample of the magic of an enigmatic universe

By Ludovic Diorioon 17 May 2018

Roxane ♡ Henrik

By Ludovic Diorioon 8 December 2017