This week’s favorite : Eat your Greens or the bible of vegetables by Thaïs

Text : Thaïs / Photos : Sarah

Cookbooks, one of my great passions! Even more so when they’re about vegetarian cuisine. And when they’re ALL about vegetables, well, you can guess…

I love cooking but only when I have time, so I’ll generally keep it simple and I’m not gonna try to innovate. I eventually forgot about the different ways you could cook this or that veggie, and even ended up forgetting completely about some of them. So what better way than a lovely book to remind us of their different facets!

Yep, that’s the promise this culinary guide makes, that you’ll become unbeatable on the topic of vegetables! Seasonality, preservation and flavor combinations will soon no longer hold any secret to whoever holds in their hands “Eat your greens“. 788 recipes, with over 40 veggies and, for instance, 22 different ways to cook carrots. 22… It’s almost hard to believe a carrot could have such a range!

For the legume-shy, the veggie-fearful, the timorous, fear not : this book will change your mind, you just need to look at the pictures to be convinced!

If like me you want to find out more about carrots, to rediscover sunchoke or rutabaga, come pay us a visit at Biutiful.