Text : Céline / Biutiful Creative Studio – Photos : Ludovic / Biutiful Creative Studio

Makeup – quick and easy – for Glow accessible to all.

For a successful makeup, start with the base. For a flawless complexion, the ILIA primer “true skin radiant priming serum” (a clean formula, like every product from the brand, and silicone free) protects your skin from outside aggressions, make your foundation last all day long, provides radiance, reduces the appearance of fine lines. Small clarification: a primer does not, in any case, replace your day cream. It’s a plus. Apply it on your whole face after your usual skin care, wait for a couple of minutes before applying your foundation.

Foundation: Either you are totally perfect and satisfied with your complexion and don’t wear any, or you wear foundation and can’t do without it. A few recommendations for choosing your complexion products. Never pick a foundation (this also applies to tinted, BB, CC creams and whatnot) that’s too dark. Ideally, your foundation is the exacts same color as your skin, or one shade lighter. Never darker. It will be visible, and make you look older. Whether you apply it with your finger or a brush (I can’t give any advice on that, it’s really up to what you like the most), apply it evenly on your whole face, even eyelids. Start with the center of your face and spread it to the sides, and finish with what little you have left at the end by stretching it from your jawline to your neck, to avoid demarcation lines. My last foundation discovery is the ones by Swedish brand Manasi 7. By mixing a more or less dark hue of beige with white, you can create your own shade, as close to your complexion as possible: what a bright idea! You always have the same 2 products, all year long, by measuring out the white depending on your tan, the season, your appearance… (It looks even better when you add to the mix a drop of the Illuminating Moisturizer by Tata Harper).

Manasi 7 skin enhancers, shades: Sarcoline and Eburnean (white)

Then, powder. Yes you need to powder your foundation. That way you’ll get rid of little flaws there could be, and most importantly, you fixate it. Then, with the glow powder Perihelion by Manasi 7, you’ll instantly freshen up your radiance and your face’s volumes.

Manasi 7 loose powder Perihelion and Ilia powder brush

And… There’s no beautiful glow without highlighter. There are the Strobelighters by Manasi 7, the Liquid Lights, and the illuminator multi-sticks by Ilia. Brush or finger application, that’s up to you. Little strokes, no exaggeration, it must stay subtle. You’re gonna put some on your upper cheekbone, your brow bone, the bridge of your nose, the inner corner of your eyes, and your “Cupid’s bow” – I love that locution. For those who didn’t know, it’s the ark that your upper lips forms in the middle. If you don’t have a highlighter in your makeup case, you can apply little strokes of the Illuminating eye crème by Tata Harper on top of your foundation.

Cosmic Dancer highlighter by Ilia

A little bit of blush, mascara, lipstick…

ALL OVER COLOR balms by Manasi 7, the Bisque shade as blush and Ikura as lipstick

There you go, you’re radiant.

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