Text : Céline / Biutiful Creative Studio

What you must not do, or at least avoid.

  • Try not to drink alcohol, it’s definitely not friends with radiance.
  • Okay so, do I really have to say it… don’t smoke. Tobacco smoke truly is your body’s nemesis (Inside and outside, it darkens everything in its path).
  • Using products that are not suited for your skin type, hence the importance of a good first evaluation. Overly rich products will tend to clog pores and darken your complexion. And the opposite? Same. Using overly light products will parch your skin, and an under-moisturised skin will not look good either.
  • Think your morning cleansing is facultative.
  • Think removing your makeup at night is facultative.
  • Think that I you don’t wear makeup, you don’t need to clean your face in the evening.
  • Skip steps, like applying a toner. But I’m not worried about that, generally if you persevere for one week, you’ll see a clear improvement and your toner quickly becomes vital.
  • I often hear customers tell me that they like to “let their skin breathe” during the night so they don’t apply any product after cleansing. Well, first, good news: your skin can breathe even when covered with product (except if they’re very poorly suited). And it’s truly a bad pick: the fewer products you apply after cleansing, the more disturbed will your skin get. It’s going to try to find its balance by itself and will secrete too much sebum. Way too much. The result? You’ll shine like never before they day after. But not in a good way, your complexion will look gleaming, slippery. That’s not really what you were looking for right?
  • You should also watch out for sunlight. You might think it’s your friend when you get a little bronzed… But without an appropriate protection it has disastrous effects on your skin. You MUST absolutely protect your face and body (and don’t forget your hands!). When you get tanned, your skin gets thicker, it “produces” lots of dead cells, your pores eventually get clogged, your complexion will get duller, and the products you’ll apply don’t penetrate as much and are less effective. Mandatory protection for every patio lunch, every beach day, in ANY circumstance. And you have to cleanse your skin twice as hard when you use sunscreens, otherwise they tend to accumulate and tarnish your complexion, dilate pores and give you spots. The higher the sun protection factor, and even more for a waterproof product, you’ll have to insist on cleaning your skin (Don’t skip the cleansing oil step, even when not wearing makeup, oil is the best at removing sunscreen effectively).
  • Avoid two-in-one products, or three-in-one or even more. One-in-one please :) So please please take out of your vanity case the wipes (aggressive and not very eco-friendly), micellar water (very aggressive and often ineffective): those products are not your true friends. Believe me! And anyway you’ll have to try and ban from your bathroom (as in your kitchen) everything that’s not very “natural”.
  • Try to ban, or just, ban, using an industrial soap on your face. Even with donkey milk, even with olive oil, even… No really, it’s not an ally, it’s way too caustic for your skin (the same goes for shower gel).
  • The last thing I felt was an important reminder. If you mix your foundation to your moisturiser so that it’s lighter or smoother or easier to apply, don’t forget to apply your skin care underneath, the whole routine. Just like you’d NEVER wear color nail polish without applying your base first, well it’s the same here, don’t wear makeup without applying care products before.



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