Text : Céline / Biutiful Creative Studio – Photos : Céline and Ludovic / Biutiful Creative Studio

A salon treatment, with a real skin professional, have you ever tried that? No? You think it’s not for you? That you have other priorities? That you can do the same at home?

For the ones that never experimented, I can assure you that entrusting your face to the expert hands of passionate practician is nothing like you can do to yourself at home. First, when it comes to what you feel. You may never have believed that a face massage is so relaxing that it could get you as sleepy as a body massage. And the result! There’s nothing comparable here either. Every inch of your face is palpated, cleansed, scrubbed, healed…

Since we’re on the subject of the Glow, let’s talk about TATA HARPER’s specific glow treatment. The DELUXE INTENSE GLOW TREATMENT. Ah Tata Harper!… She created an unrivalled treatment, because in this specific treatment, we use products that are not available for retail, and so you’ll never be able to reproduce that treatment, and therefore that glow boost, at home. The crucial point of this treatment is a powerful peel applied in 4 steps. That (needless to say) 100% natural double product (2 layers of every peel, in 4 applications spaced out by 2 minutes each) will get your face rid of everything that makes it look dull, grey, weary, and that you couldn’t eliminate until now. Made from fruit acids (AHA and BHA), it brings more than radiance to your complexion. It rekindles a skin texture that you thought was lost along the way. True freshness.

The treatment is structured around that product, but it naturally also includes every step of a traditional treatment: makeup removal / deep cleansing / masques / massages… Wellness and relaxation will of course be there with you.

You can have this treatment done once in a while, when you feel a decrease of light, or as a course, to hit hard. It’s also available as a “mini” 30-minute treatment for those who are in a rush or quick keep between two longer treatments. That means, you are out of excuses and you’re going to have to try…

The ideal rate for salon treatments? Every month. Every two or three months for a scaled down ideal.


Glow Tata Harper - Biutiful Annecy