Text : Céline / Biutiful Creative Studio – Photos : Ludovic / Biutiful Creative Studio

Let’s stay in the care area, and let’s move on to the evening routine. We’ll talk later about makeup (episode 6). In the evening, NEEDLESS TO SAY, you have to remove your makeup. It’s primordial, mandatory, required, essential. ABC.

Make-up removing and balancing Organic Jojoba oil by Ma Thérapie offers a no-frill composition, it’s suitable for every skin type including oily skins (jojoba is renowned as a sebum production regulator). Then nourishing oil cleanser by Tata Harper, the softest, can be used on your face AND on your eyes, smells wonderfully and is also suitable for all skin types. Aesop’s facial cleansing milk is mostly dedicated to dry and sensitive skins or lovers of milks. A very very soft texture, that removes makeup perfectly and is easy to rinse off.

In any case, choose your makeup remover carefully. I’d say the best argument is that it’s gonna make you WANT to remove your makeup. So that you’ll never, ever again skip that step.

Next, and you’ve heard that everywhere, you’re going to cleanse. Remove makeup AND cleanse. That’s what everybody calls “double cleansing.  Let’s try to be original here and not use the same cleanser as the one you use in the morning.  There are several philosophies : Tata Harper recommends one soft exfoliation a day. So, since we didn’t do it this morning, now’s the time. For most skin types, the ideal product will be the regenerating cleanser, with its soft exfoliating grain (apricot kernel). For very sensitive skins, we’ll replace it with the refreshing cleanser. Both are formulated to cleanse and gently exfoliate. Just like with this morning’s purifying cleanser, no water at first. Cleansers by Tata Harper don’t lather, except for the clarifying cleanser. Massage it, for a long while, onto your face and neck and enjoy that moment. Then you’ll rinse, like the purifying cleanser, directly with water or on a reusable wet cotton.

Then, same thing, a toner.

Then you apply your night care. They can be the same that you use in the morning, or they can be different, if you really want to make up your own tailor-made routine. You can choose to treat glow in the morning, another one of your need at night, with an anti-aging ritual for instance.

For other care brands, exfoliation will only be done once or twice a week. If you opt for this solution, you can use the same cleanser than you used (the purifying cleanser or any other one) morning and night. Here’s for your daily care routine.

After that there’s the second routine. The weekly routine. That’s right, as they say, no pain no gain. But since it’s obviously wonderful to take care of yourself, this phrase is a poor choice. You probably know that you also need to do a little more to care for you skin. But how? Here’s how: if you didn’t choose the TH routine that encourages daily exfoliation, your home treatment is going to start there. After removing your makeup (if you were wearing any) and cleaning your face, you’re going to exfoliate.

Choisissez un exfoliant qui ne soit ni trop doux, ni trop abrasif. C’est la peau du visage hein, pas celle des pieds. 
Chez Aesop, mon cœur balance vers le gommage pour le visage à la feuille d’arbre à thé. Et comme chez Aesop il y a certains produits qui portent bien leur nom, et que celui-ci en fait partie, ce sont des feuilles séchées d’arbre à thé qu’il vous faudra mélanger à un peu de gel nettoyant ou de masque pour l’émulsionner. Le gros avantage? Vous choisissez vous-même son « degré » d’exfoliation. (En mettant + ou – de feuilles, et + ou – de gel…)
Le gommage au café de Ma Thérapie est vraiment génial aussi, avec ses grains au café. Tout prêt, lui. Plus rapide. Pour les plus pressées. 

Vous allez masser le gommage sur le visage, et j’ai bien dit masser, je n’ai pas dit frotter, ni même frictionner, ou aucun mot qui commence par fr…
On masse tranquillement, doucement, longtemps, délicatement, tout le visage, on n’oublie rien, les tempes, le front, le nez, les ailes du nez, le menton, les joues, le cou… et même les lèvres.
Et puis on rince abondamment (rien de pire que les grains qui restent lors des autres étapes).
On sèche son visage avec une serviette, douce et propre de préférence 😉. 

Then comes the time for a mask. THE mask for glow, the most renowned of the whole history of masks is unquestionably the resurfacing mask by Tata Harper. No, this is not an overstatement, and if that’s what you think, well it’s because you’ve never tried it.

Leave it on for 15 minutes.

Rinse it well and apply your products (Eyes, serum, cream). Or even better, apply an oil and massage it on your skin with a Gua Sha, a Roll-On or the mushrooms by Roll-On Jade (See episode 7)…

Find out more in the next episode…