Text : Céline / Biutiful Creative Studio – Photos : Ludovic / Biutiful Creative Studio

Glow, brightness, radiant complexion, rosy cheeks… call it how you like, but we can all agree we want it. If the word is on everybody’s lips, finding that holy grail isn’t easy in the midst of all the product choices and suggestions there can be.

Let’s talk about it, that glow. Yes, it is accessible, yes you can have it, and there’s enough for everyone. If you follow a couple of helpful tips and are the least bit motivated, there are many things you can do. 

There are quite a few leads (one lead per episode), pick one or many, or even better all of them.

First of all, you have to take care of yourself. Eh eh. That’s right. How? There are two compatible ways to truly take care of your skin: do it yourself, twice a day and once a week differently and deeply, and have it done by professional, once a month. The second solution doesn’t exempt the first one, you get that.

How do you take care of yourself, twice a day? Keep in mind we’re mainly going to talk about glow in this article, we’ll approach your skin’s other needs in other articles. Every skin type can lack radiance. Dry, sensitive, dehydrated, combination or oily skins…

Alright so, let’s start with your morning routine. On waking, you MUST cleanse your face, to remove the night’s cutaneous “secretions”. Choosing a cleanser that’s suited to your skin type is primordial (to find out what your skin type is, ask us for advice if you’re confused), but if we assume your skin isn’t an “extreme” type (very oily, very dry or very sensitive), the purifying cleanser by Tata Harper will be a beautiful discovery. But don’t worry: the word “purifying” must not scare you! With Tata Harper, purifying means detoxifying, deeply cleansing, stimulating. (For oilier skins, the right cleanser is “clarifying”). When cleansing your skin, you need to TAKE YOUR TIME. It’s not something you can overlook: it is THE BASIS. Yep.

Especially with this cleanser. An actual moment of pleasure when you massage it on your face: this cleanser has a thick creamy texture at first and, under your warm and patient hands, will turn into a thinner, oily texture that, if you pay close attention, seems like it’s entering every inch of your pores to delicately clean them. Without dampening your hands or your face, take one or two pumps of product in your hands and massage generously over your face and neck (avoiding the eyes).  When you get that oily texture, keep massaging. Then, and only then, you can rinse off. Directly with clear water, or with a cloth or reusable cotton pad previously humidified. This cleanser wipes away the harmful effects of pollution and excess sebum, and it removes dead cells. Its lightly spicy formula stimulates blood circulation on the surface and oxygenates your skin tissues. At this point you can already see a result.

Then, a VERY important step: the toner.

Lotion, flower water, toner, it goes by many names but the effect you need is always the same: perfect your cleansing, remove every bit of cleanser, every impurity and especially, limescale. Because one of radiance sworn enemies truly is limescale.

And if for some of you (many of you?), this step seems superfluous, NO NO NO, it’s actually the opposite, it’s essential. A fine mist, or on a cotton pad, in your hands, do it how you like but do it. 

Choose a toner that’s suited to your skin type, always, and if your skin doesn’t require a specific toner, you can choose one with pro-radiance active ingredients.

Tata Harper’s hydrating floral essence contains a healthy serving of rose hydrolat, known for its beneficial effect on dull complexions. It’s suitable for every skin type (and has many many other effects, including intense moisturizing, a staple for a beautiful skin too).

For those who lack glow and if it’s becoming a problem, the concentrated brightening essence, is as its name indicates, highly concentrated in active principles dedicated to radiance. It’s almost a serum-like texture and it’s so addictive… The perfect pre-treatment, really complete and hugely effective.

After applying a toner, I’m among those who believe you should NOT wait to apply your treatment. When your skin is still slightly wet the lotion will act as a booster for the following products, and you’ll get even better hydration and active ingredients.

So let’s start straightaway with your eye contour care.

For that, you can choose to treat your wrinkles, slackening, dark circles, puffiness, lack of light, or even all of this. Let’s focus on glow, once again. Tata Harper’s illuminating eye cream is outstanding: 27 high-performance ingredients, in particular diamond dust that’s going to act as a light reflector, a perfecting veil. And feel free to apply your eye contour cream on the contour of your lips as well.

Then, regarding serums, plenty of choices. Tata Harper’s best seller has proven its worth : the resurfacing serum contains (natural) AHA and BHA, anti oxidants, and fights day to day glumness with radiance that comes from within. Aesop’s Lucent facial concentrate acts differently, by providing vitamins (C and B3) and a lot of moisturizing.

And finally, your day cream. I am repeating myself but if you need something more important than glow, you’ll need to arrange your daily routine by adjusting every step of the ritual. You can combine a serum for glow and your cream for your other “need”. Or the other way around. Actually you’re free to do whatever you want. Only feeling, priorities, common sense, and advice we can’t wait to give you. The illuminating moisturizer wins the prize. It is MA-GI-CAL. A little bit of diamond dust, for the same effects than the eye contour cream, hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera, Damascan rose water…

Guaranteed wow effect.