Our crush of the week : Kinfill by Carol


Text : Carol / Biutiful Creative Studio – Photos : Carol / Biutiful Creative Studio

One day we received the Kinfill products and I knew I had to have them. Then I got them, and then I told myself I had to tell you about them.


Because the brand Kinfill alone concentrates 4 knockout arguments for you to clean up your house in a more responsible manner. I’ll unveil them later. But first, let’s talk about Kinfill. It’s a Dutch brand. They only make cleaning products. And they do it well. 
They have developed 4 cleaners, with 2 goals: reduce our plastic consumption and offer clean, green formulas.

Based on the observation that the « cleaning industry » actually damages the planet : in short, to be clean (ourselves and our homes) we pollute (ourselves, our homes and the planet. Spot the mistake).

About the necessity of reducing our use of plastics: do the test yourself. If you open your cleaning product closet – it’s usually the ugly one -, I’m sure we can almost all count between 4 and 6 of them (more?) (I have 6 I just counted them).
6 plastic bottles. That you finish, throw away and then buy again. Or worse: that you never finish, store, and it eventually ends up in the sink (because it turns out it sucked) (or because you have a ceramic floor tile cleaner… but don’t have ceramic floor tiles).

Regarding the Kinfill products, they’re made from environmentally friendly ingredients and the formulas are 100% biodegradable. Each cleaning product is sold as a concentrate, in a glass vial, you just pour it in the bottle and then add water. Easy.

Kinfill Biutiful
Biutiful Kinfill

Since I don’t do things by half – housework included – I directly got the Full House kit, that includes all 4 products, namely :

– a multi-surface spray that smells good but like, really good. A woody scent with pine and cypress accents (Pine Husk). You can use it for any type of surface like ceramic, chrome, granite, steel, marble… 
(Oh and just a tip: the products all smell so good that you’ll probably tend to use more than needed, as if it were home perfume. But actually no. Don’t do that. Well you can but there’s no point) – A bathroom spray, that smells delicately of lavender (Lavender) – A glass/mirror spray with a super fresh fragrance of cucumber, lemon and melon (Cucumis). To be honest no I still haven’t cleaned my windows because it’s like 2 degrees outside so, there. Nope. I did use it on my bathroom’s large mirror though. – And a neutral PH floor cleaner (to dilute), rosemary/citrus scent (Naranja n°55) that’s so gentle you can use on wooden floors, tile, concrete…

Each cleaner is available in every scent. The box allows you to try them all so that’s cool but if you only want one cleaner, with a particular scent, that’s possible too. 
So it all smells good, very well, but does it clean? Well yes (good otherwise this article would kinda fall flat). I haven’t used anything else, and my sink, bathtub and plumbing shine, my kitchen counter is clean and tidy, my mirror is free of toothpaste spots, and my floors are perfectly washed. Clarification : this is no teleshopping, I’m not trying to sell you a « miracle product that dissolves even the most stubborn stain » (and that will incidentally also dissolve your sense of smell, your eyes, fauna and flora). I’ve used the Kinfill products under normal conditions, meaning I didn’t try them on that one stain that’s beyond fixing. I just cleaned my house.

1 – Let’s settle right away the issue of price. At first it can seem expensive, but do the math : once you have the bottle, a refill costs 4.95€ (a glass refill of course, and a recycled cardboard packaging naturally). Are the cleaning products you usually buy really less expensive? 2 – Your Kinfill bottle, once you have it, you’re gonna keep it forever. You then reduce your plastic consumption. Because we all ease our consciences by sorting our waste, but this is hardly news : plastic is far from being systematically recycled. So there you go, already 6 less plastic bottles! 3 – You’re no longer poisoning yourself with traditional products, or poisoning water. After you’re done with your cleaning session, when you have scrubbed every corner with a ton of different products, you’re usually proud. It’s all clean and shiny, you feel good. But if you knew exactly everything you’ve been breathing… and discharging into waters…

So of course some people make their own household products, from vinegar or other things. That’s great. Keep doing that. And by the way, after a while, if you want to use your own formula, your « homemade cleaning product », you already have a neat glass bottle.

4 – And the last argument, for those who appreciate that aspect : you have a beautiful object!
Honestly even for a cleaning product, isn’t it nicer t have a pretty bottle rather than a white plastic container, with an ugly label, a skull symbol and the number for the poison control center? (But just so we’re clear, the Kinfill product, you’re still not supposed to drink it, not yourself, not the kid, not the cat). In conclusion, by choosing Kinfill, you’ll save on plastic, you’ll have a product you love using, environmentally friendly, effective, beautifully designed and recyclable (and fully made in Europe).

So it’s now time to consider another way of cleaning!

Kit complet Full House par Kinfill
Nettoyant multi surfaces Naranja par Kinfill
Kit recharges Full House par Kinfill