Makeup tips by Manasi 7

Manasi 7 is a high-end beauty product brand that combines the quality of conventional beauty with the nurturing properties of natural, organic and wild ingredients; while offering sensory and very colorful formulas and shades.

The term “earthy tones” is used to describe colors and shades that come from nature.

Those warm or cold tones can easily be intensified depending on the season with more or less bold or dark touches.

We encourage you to bring home and to your makeup routine all the grace and freedom of nature. Today we’re focusing on one product, the All Over Colour in the Chamoisee shade. 

The All Over Colour is a multi-purpose balm that you can use on your lips, cheeks or eyelids. It’s super easy to use and to apply thanks to its creamy texture. The All Overs by Manasi 7 are available in different colors, nude or bright, that can also be mixed to create a unique and custom shade. The All Over Shine Cristallo can be used like a moisturizing balm, a natural highlighter or even on top of the color for a glossy effect.

Focus on the All Over Colour CHAMOISEE :

1/ Start with hydrating your face with your favorite moisturizer, oil or balm.

2/ To get an even and effortless complexion, mix all the necessary shades of Skin Enhancer in order to find the perfect combination for you.

Boost your complexion by adding a little All over Shine Cristallo to your blend before applying it, and apply with your fingertips or a foundation brush.

If you want to use it as a concealer, apply the Skin Enhancer with your fingertip or a concealer brush on the areas that need more coverage.

3/ For a naturally tan effect, apply the All Over Colour Chamoisee or Kobicha to give structure : under the cheekbones, temples and under your chin.

4/ Apply All Over Colour Chamoisee on your eyelids and shade off towards the brown bone for a natural finish.

All Over Colour Chamoisee

Mascara Precision Obsidian

5/ Apply a small amount of the Silk Finish Powder Translucent with a powder puff or brush on the T zone to set your makeup.

6/ Apply Silk Glow Powder Perihelion with a powder brush on your whole face or select areas to give radiance.

7/ Apply Chamoisee on your lips with your fingertips or a lip brush.

8/ Curl your lashes and then apply the Mascara Precision Obsidian.

“Apply as your final touch a very small amount of Cristallo – with your fingertip or brow brush – on your eyebrows to give them stability and shine. 

Susanne Manasi, makeup artist’s pro tip.

Products used to create this look :