Ma Thérapie « taking care of your natural beauty thanks to the richness of the earth »

By Thaïs

Text : Thaïs / Biutiful Creative Studio – Photos : Biutiful Creative Studio / Ma Thérapie

For this piece, let’s discover Ma Thérapie, a clean skin care brand with a universe that deserves to be known and an attractive packaging. 

This beautiful French brand of organic cosmetics and nutritional supplements was created by Céline Julien, a naturopath who is also specialized in aromatherapy. After her office experience, she decided to change her practice in order to transpose the founding principles of naturopathy into beauty. Ma Thérapie establishes a connection between beauty and nutrition. 

You can find two ranges: Ma Beauté Thérapie, the beauty therapy with face and body skin care, and Ma Nutri Thérapie with food supplements.

By developing Ma Thérapie, Céline tries to get closer to a great principle of naturopathy: ” you should be able to eat what you apply on your skin”.

This line of skincare integrates the « new cosmetics » era, an era that’s smarter, simpler, well-thought out, and more ethical. The products are made with fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, oleaginous seeds, oils and edible flowers.

Céline is an advocate of raw matter, she likes plants in their simplicity, untransformed and mixed together as little as possible. Product formulas are short and simple.

The range they offer is stripped back to the essentials while meeting the needs of your skin, which are cleansing, hydrating, and outer and inner protection.

All the products are made of vegetable base materials, organic, with natural preservatives or solvent-free. The packaging is refined, stripped down but don’t lack elegance. That extra little something, purple glass bottles that protect ingredients from UV exposure AND they’re recyclable AND some of them are refillable!

Ma Thérapie

What we love about Ma Thérapie it’s that beyond the cosmetic brand, the creator is really trying to pass a life philosophy on to us and proves that everything we need is in nature. 

My three favorites (because I couldn’t choose just one)

  • The Sesame serum: I’ve completely adopted it in my night routine. As a result, in the morning after my complexion is bright and slightly golden. Guaranteed radiance!
  • The face scrub with coffee: my skin is rather sensitive and its larger grains kind of frightened me at first but from the very first try I was sold! First its smell is to die for (given you like coffee) and after that, its shea butter base turns into a more « greasy » texture which makes thus scrub very nourishing.
  • The argan, honey and orange cream: gourmet texture assured 🙂 This cream is suitable for drier skins. Enriched in hyaluronic acid, it’s also an anti-aging treatment. That little extra something for this product: it’s two-in-one! A moisturizing product at first, it turns into a mask when applied in thick layer, an ideal aid for dry skin deep moisturizing.
Radiant complexion serum by Ma Thérapie

Sesame Carrot serum

Coffee almond shea scrub by Ma Thérapie

Coffee, Almond, Shea scrub

Nourishing cream Ma Thérapie

Argan, Honey, Orange cream