Colour Block Lipsticks by Ilia

Ilia Color Block Lipstick

We continue to be amazed by the ILIA brand…

The new COLOUR BLOCK LIPSTICKS are marvelous:

Irreproachably long-lasting, perfectly covering, 12 colors… and this new line still offers a clean and green formulation.

The apricot oil, rich in oleic and vitamin E, brings elasticity. A sensory mix of mango seed butter (rich in vitamins A and C) keeps your lips soft and luscious while the sunflower seed wax brings moisturizing.

Thanks to a high concentration of ground pigments in organic castor oil, the covering is total, even with one single coat. Your lips remain supple and healthy even after several hours.
A matte finish with the suppleness of a creamy texture, it’s the perfect lipstick.

12 colors, classic shades with soft nudes, bold reds, berry hues, one per day if you wish, no color is missing out.