Antoinette Poisson – The 18th century in your home

The “dominoterie” is the process of designing and making printed wall papers, also called “Papiers dominotés” or “dominos”. A hand-crafted technique that dates back to the 18th century.

Back then, the dominos were printed by the sheet with engraved boards. Those sheets, that were 32 by 42 cm, were enhanced with colors by hand or with a stencil. The « papier dominoté » thus decorated with floral or geometric patterns, was used to decorate the inside of cabinets, chests or boxes, or even wall decoration for smaller rooms.

Today, the team of designers from Antoinette Poisson in Paris revives this unique and long lost know-how, in strict accordance to the traditional techniques of the 18th century. 

And we at Biutiful, we love all that. The handmade and precious vibe, unique pieces, French crafts, that beautiful woven paper and those soft and summery colors, all that, was the finishing touch you needed on your wall – between a city guide by David Ehrenstrahle and a oh so 70’s poster by Hotel Magique.

Freshly arrived at the shop: the new collection, sheets garnished with flowers and birds, pastel colors and geometric patterns dear to the maison. The domino papers are displayed in their paper cases that you can directly hang to your wall, but they will look just as cool in a golden baroque frame or a thin white one, or even a minimalist clip frame. The hand-made and retro style of an Antoinette Poisson poster will harmonize perfectly with a joyfully cluttered, colorful home, while a symmetric pattern will add a touch of warmth to the most refined style.  

Discover also: the gorgeous collaboration Antoinette Poisson x PATCH NYC, the famous New-York brand of vintage, embroidered and colorful accessories, but also art designers, interior decorators and much more.

Papier dominoté Antoinette Poisson 52A
Antoinette Poisson x Patch NYC