The popcorn instant : How To Talk To Girls Ar Parties.

It was in the course of an evening as moist as a 1976 Stooges pogo that we dragged our dinosaur tattoos and busted sneakers in an AC-deprived movie theater, enticed by the prospect of witnessing a celluloid sidereal punk delirium.

How To Talk To Girls At Parties, sort of conceptuel art / Paco Rabannesque latex fantasy, is somehow the lovechild of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Romeo and Juliet and a bad MGMT video. The constant rock’n’roll namedropping and the purist punk rock soundtrack will be very much appreciated by any bookworm of the iconic safety pin studded music movement.  Sensually disabled ones will identify with the protagonists’ libidinous failures, letting lose their romantic urges, usually corseted by their over worn leather jackets. But all, without exception shall feel slightly unsettled by this mondo bizarro populated by aliens obviously high on Ambient and its psychedelic chromatic frenzy.

The experience still is quite pleasing, and shall drive a few of us to go grab our forsaken moth-eaten Buzzcocks tees that have been standing in the drawer for way too long.