Sola Cube, the craft of aesthetical tantra (by Alex)

Strawflower Sola cube by Usagi no Nedoko
Amethyst Sola cube by Usagi no Nedoko

Ultimate concept from the brand Usagi no Nedoko, whose gracious aesthetics can be experienced through their hotel, café and boutique located in the beautiful city of Kyoto, the Sola Cubes distillate a delicate japanese aura everywhere their poetry takes place.

Each one of these ethereal 1.6 x 1.6 in. cubes enfolds a plant in acrylic resin, a beautiful botanical sample of the magic of an enigmatic universe (the actual meaning of the Chinese kanji ‘sola’). A mystery which lays particularly in the manufacturing process of these little wonders, handmade with mastery by Japanese craftsmen whose dexterity is simply astonishing. An expertise that shall intrigue and captivate even the most demanding guest…

Sola cube Phylica
Usagi no Nedoko strawflower sola cube
Shell ginger Sola cube by Usagi no Nedoko

After having poured liquid acrylic in a mold, the craftsman meticulously inserts the dried plant in the lightly gelified liquid.

The Sola Cube to be is then pressurized and lightly heated to avoid the formation of air bubbles and to ensure the solidity of the cube, which is then cut and polished to achieve that quite perfect, graceful look.

Japanese Walnut Sola cube by Usagi no Nedoko
Dandelion sola cube by Usagi no Nedoko

From the Japanese walnut which symbolizes harmony, to the hazy dandelion which echoes a need of letting go, of ‘living with the wind’, Sola Cube offers a plethora of hypnotizing specimens each conveying a feeling, a state of mind, an ambition… to combine at leisure in order to reach the absolute aesthetical Nirvana. A soothing Tetris of some sort if you will!