Pick up a good Habit.

It is an observation quite oppressing on regular nail varnishes that decided the creator of the Californian brand Habit to develop a line of clean and colorful nail polishes. And they have nothing to envy to their contenders : wide range of vivid shades, top notch base and top coat, a gorgeous packaging, and a remarkable longevity.

The superstar of their gentle formula : the Myrrh extract, antibacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory which acts like a nurse for you precious nails, naturally strengthening them. And these nail polishes are vegan. Which is nice.

There you go for the conscience clearing part. Can we get to the colors now?  Bardot pink, scandalous purple, deep blue, über chic nude…the palette is ample, fun and flamboyant.


Green mani doesn’t rhyme with aesthetic neurasthenia anymore!