Flower Wishlist // My Fav Song by Roxane

While here the summer’s slowly ending, there still are a few things we can enjoy: barbecues/days at the beach/rosé-drinking evenings, wearing tees and not having to put them away for the next 6 months just yet, and flowers. Everything is prettier with colors and petals, and our latest novelties surely don’t break this rule.

Let’s start with the world’s most beautiful tote-bag (oh yeah btw this article is definitely not impartial). Organic cotton, hot velvet printing and flowers: wear Biutiful on your shoulder first that’s nice thank you, but with style.

The third issue of Pleasure Garden, the world’s most beautiful magazine. A British journal about all things gardening, a worldwide best-seller since the very first issue and this time a very precise theme: “I never promised you a rose garden”. So it’s obviously eye candy, both retro and modern, romantic, and of course super interesting.

And finally, the world’s most beautiful paperweights by John Derian (still zero impartiality here). Our good old John is an antique dealer slash decoupage artist, who gathers thousands of old images and brings them back to life under many forms (including an ongoing successful collaboration with Astier de Villatte). He recently shipped us a whole bunch of new paperweights, each one more poetic and funky than the last one. Ok these 3 are clearly my own darlings but since we have 28 different designs, we’re sure you’ll find your own favorite.

je pense aux fleurs
qui sont parfaites
qui n’ont pas d’autre rôle que de l’être

je pense aux fleurs
et c’est bête
mais j’envie leur beauté muette