and actually it’s kind of the right moment…

– First of all, you’re not gonna forget your Biutiful tote bag to take with you everything you’ll need, yep, everything!

– a sunblock, of course, except maybe for the few of you going on a trip to Island or the Antarctic, but honestly, we don’t think there are many… and I’m not gonna lecture you about the importance of protecting your skin from big bad sun rays, right, we’ve known that since… the 80’s?

– a super fresh fragrance, in which you’d wish you could bathe, when the heat is too much, so it would feel just like being in the Antarctic.

– sunglasses, but not any of them: the Casablanca shades by Anine Bing. Because they’re well named, and make you see life in pink, even if you already kind of do when you’re on vacation. Your holidays are gonna be even pinker. La vie en rose, you know.

(Seriously, super pink.)

– a good and dreamy book, telling great stories about beautiful people, living in the coolest places and with fascinating jobs. Just like you right?

– a vintage-like tee, to wear with your favorite denim shorts, for an easy-but-oh-so-californian-it’s-always-nice-to-feel-like-a-surfer-during-holidays style.

– a scented mist (just in case) to feel right at home in the airbnb you’ve booked and only seen in pictures after all, you’re not taking any chances and bringing with you your textile mist along with the smell of the beach, for a vacation mood even on your pillow.

– and last but not least, a gorgeous piece of jewelry, you’re on holiday but it’s definitely the best time to wear your nicest stuff.

So, when are you leaving?