Tubéreuse is my perfume, my second skin.


As Mona used to describe it, like a Duel in the Sun: an exuberant tuberose, narcotic at night, falsely innocent it blossoms, sunny, powdery, balanced, sublime… 

When I advise my customers about the Mona Di Orio perfumes, I like to tell them the quality of her work, and the importance given to raw material: to me, each of her creations is so delicately elaborated that the evolution of head, heart and base notes stirs in me deep emotions. 
I love above everything this olfactory signature that’s so undeniably Mona’s.

Tubéreuse : Bergamot, Benzoin resin, Amber, Heliotrope, Tuberose absolute


«  I lost myself on a cool damp night. I gave myself in that misty light. Was hypnotized by a strange delight. Under… »

« Lilac Wine »
Jeff Buckley

Mona di Orio by Ludovic di Orio

Christelle – Biutiful sales adviser