photo: Ludovic di Orio / Biutiful

When one of our brands  introduced its letterboard, we had been searching for the perfect one to offer you for so long, we were just super excited.

So, here it is, in all its perfect perfection, the right size, letters that hold tight, it even comes in a pretty box (beter if you plan to make a gift of it), it’s black and white (there’s nothing quite like b&w), there are so many letters, numbers, symbols… perfectn I’m telling you.

And honestly, it reminds me of our first postcard/business card for the shop, our customers from the very beginning will most likely remember it. Maybe.


So, go ahead, have fun, write cool things, change those cool things every week if you feel like it, hang the board in your living room, EXPRESS YOURSELF and let everyone know about it.

CELINE –  co-owner