Hi everyone!

Welcome home. So for starters, we’re gonna introduce ourselves. That way you’ll know a little more about the story of Biutiful.

Biutiful is a story in itself. A story that began a long, long time ago. Cause we sure took our time.

We often told ourselves that we would open up a shop, we were drawing up plans (business plans mostly, you know), with lists and lists of all the brands we digged and couldn’t find in Annecy. And then one day, when we finally realized that life if fragile and therefore too short, we went for it.
When Aesop said “ok, we’re in”, that was it. The others (all of them!!! Astier de Villatte, Cire Trudon, Maison Margiela…) followed, and it was like Christmas everyday when we were getting replies from our favorite brands. (and I’m not even talking about our first orders coming in)

Because well, gotta be honest, opening up a shop was a big leap into the unknown. The great discovery.

Ludo, has been (and still is) a photographer (www.ludovicdiorio.com) for 20 years or almost, in areas as varied as décoration, fashion, advertising…
And me, I had been working with him for a couple of years as a stylist and make-up artist, and I had dropped that world for the universe of imaging.

In 2013, we found our first premises (kinda sketchy if you ask me) a little concealed but with character, and there we were, sailing into the BIUTIFUL sea (after taking the plasterboard and recessed spotlights to pieces… to turn it into the place you have maybe known).
A few months later, our first website was born, with its e-shop, first orders, near or far, and it was still like Christmas everyday.

And then, our first “collaborator”, a huge crush on Anne, recently arrived from London, fresh out of Mario Testino’s studio and newly settled in Annecy. She gave us a (strong) hand at the shop a couple of hours a week for a couple of months, and we felt we would go far, and that we needed a nice team to go even further.

As of now, we’re carrying on in another place, bigger and whiter (of course).

We have a great team, the real deal, the fam:

Christelle and Roxane, awesome sale advisers at your service,
Carol, our quietbutalwaysfunny web manager,
And last but not least, Gino, our photo-hating loyal IT engineer/webmaster.
{Anne, where are you? When are you coming back?}

What follows, (cause it’s only the beginning) (nope, we never stop) you’re gonna find it here, on our blog, daily or almost.

Stay tuned…

Celine & Ludovic Di Orio, co-owners