Photos: Ludovic di Orio / Biutiful

We choose our plants the same way we choose the brands we work with: love at first sight. And the crazier they are, the more we love them. Especially the twisted ones, the unfashionable ones, the weirdos, yep we love them all.

We go on the hunt for extraordinary plants on a regular basis, with the desire to offer you new ones and make you discover new species, season after season. A rare plant, atypical, exotic, giant, quirky, twisted…

P E R S O N A L       S H O P P E R

Come have a look in the shop to discover all the plants we have for sale, to get our own little tricks, and find the plant you need!

And if you have projects for a green home or office decor, we can guide you and especially offer you the craziest and prettiest plants.

Les plantes chez biutiful annecy

P E R S O N A L      J U N G L E

We love them because they’re decorative, but mostly because they bring a true personality to your interior.

It’s honestly so easy to find the same designer chair in everybody’s apartment, but there’s no way you’ll find a Monstera identical to yours – which is obviously the prettiest of them all.

They grow up, they grow crooked, they bloom… (they don’t? Then you’ve probably been given a synthetic one)

They change over weeks and seasons… for better or for worse! One day you wake up and your ivy’s all dried up. But don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

And in addition to all that, they decontaminate your home (once again, if they’re not made of plastic).


A beautiful plant is good, fitted in a nice planter it’s even better. We offer planters in any size, color, shape, made of terracotta, ceramics, brass…
And because plants look good everywhere – not only on a table or on the floor – you’ll also find stands to showcase them properly, or macrame hangings. Where you’re out of room on the floor, we’ll always find a solution.

G E T T I N G       I N S P I R E D

If you want to dig deeper about how to care for plants, or simply want to find many many decoration inspirations, we have a great choice of beautiful books. Usually it takes about three pages to make you want to turn your home into an urban jungle.


Finally, on the decoration side, we recommend the super pretty poster by Henrik Dybdahl. Reproductions of old botanical illustrations found in museums, libraries or archives from all over the world. Classy.