Gift Idea Dybdahl (by Roxane)



If you already have two cats and getting a third one is clearly ruled out – unless you wanna be the crazy cat lady of your neighborhood (yep even if you’re 30), Henrik Dybdahl’s prints were made for you. Well it’s not really a cat it’s a leopard but it’s a big cat, same thing.

If you’ve always dreamed about adopting a whale but you find your bathtub a little too tight and therefore it might be a little cruel, comfort yourself and hang one on your wall. Careful though, I’m still talking about the Dybdahl prints, not an actual whale.

And finally, if in your wildest dreams your pet was some kind of leopard-whale hybrid (or whale-leopard, as you like) (I mean honestly both options are kinda weird but I’m not judging), good old Henrik has left nothing to chance and gives you the opportunity of mixing his prints together.

All those illustrations were discovered by Danish company Dybdahl Co all around the world, in museums, libraries and archives. To give them a modern twist, colors and contrasts have been slightly reworked by Henrik and his work buddies, and glorified in beautiful oak wood frames.
All you need now is to make up your mind and pick which diptych of strange animals you’re gonna get!