Self-portrait & Text by CÉLINE D


flash back #2006. 01:52 AM.


When Ludo comes homes from his last evening walk with Dallas, our “miniature” bull terrier (well that’s what the breeder said) and he asks me to come see something outside, near the parking lot, close by:

– At 2 A.M.?!…

Him, super excited, me… super sleepy. Alright, I’ll turn down the corner of my page of Sublime Amour, leave my duvet, put on a pair of jeans over my pajamas and go! The happiest one about all this is Dallas.

In the distance, there it is, this big thing that looks so fragile, in its planter that’s way too small and its poor three strands of hair.

So now I’m truly wondering how we’re gonna revive the abandoned plant, and mostly where we’re gonna find a warm place  for it in our tiny apartment.

« Elastica *», she was our first real joint plant and we still have her, we found a planter that fits her for good, she was our favorite for a long time, she’s taking more and more space everyday, but now we have a couple more.

Since then we believe plants are life. Our own paradise is filled with plants, and we’re always looking for more space to add more, always more. In every room, on every piece of furniture, everywhere, everywhere, all the time. We can’t picture our lives without them, I’m pretty sure we could give up our couch but never them.

We pamper them, we love them.

Ludo even speaks to them, sometimes. So, that goes to show.



*Ficus Elastica: very popular in the 70’s, the rubber plant is still very appreciated for its large size and sturdiness. Water moderately in the summertime.