“I’ll allow you nothing. Take care of your face case, then you can make allowances.”

So! How about a little lesson on DIY skincare at home? With our favorite partner OF COURSE: Aesop


cleaning your face

First, you’re gonna use a foaming gel cleanser, the Fabulous gel (for sensitive or dry skin), the Amazing gel ( for combination or oily skin), or the Parsley Seed gel (for dull or tired skin). Or, if you like cleansing oils, the Parsley Seed oil is awesome. Then rinse it all with warm water, and dry your face with a clean) towel.

Next you’re “perfecting” your cleaning, with a toner. Yep, it’s important. On a damp cotton pad. The toner helps remove any grime and impurity on your face, especially after washing it with hard water… it gets your skin ready for what’s next in the routine. A dry and sensitive skin will love the Parsley Seed toner, normal/combination skin the Balancing toner, and oily skin will use the Astringent toner.


now for an in-depth cleansing

Which means you’re gonna eliminate dead skin cells, but for real.

So, you’re exfoliating your face.

Aésop has two exfoliants, I’ll have to confess I prefer one over the other but I’ll admit that both of them are cool (especially for sensitive skins, which is not like mine).

So I personnaly use the Tea Tree Leaf exfoliant, mixed with a drop of Amazing gel (choose the cleaner that suits your skin type , the exfoliant works of course with all 3 Aésop face cleansers and is suitable for any skin type).

How to use: make a little mountain into the palm of your hand (which is dry for now) with the tea tree powder, add a tiny drop of your face cleanser on top of your mountain (kinda like gravy on mashed potatoes, got it?).

Run a small trickle of warm water from the faucet and stick your fingers (easier to perform with your other hand) under the water, and go knead that mixture in your first hand. You need to obtain an exfoliant paste, but not too dry. So, if you need to, stick your hands again under the water etc.

When you’ve got the perfect mixture, apply it all over your face – be careful with your eye contour, of course, just take it easy, you’re not sanding a table here.

Massage your whole face for like, a good 3 minutes, going into every corner (your nose, temples, forehead, chin, you know, everywhere).

You can add some water from time to time, but not too much, just run your fingers under the drizzle of water (I think you got the picture now).

When you feel that you’ve massaged every inch of your face, well, that’s it, just rinse it.

Warm water, clean towel, you know the deal.

((((if you have blackheads, yeahyeah it happens to everyone don’t be ashamed, now’s the time to take care of them. (With paper tissues on your fingertips, not your nails, right?)))))

Once more with the damp cotton pad + toner all over.

If you’re using the exfoliant paste, nothing could be more simple, it’s a ready-made paste. It’s just that I like to apply it on dry skin better, and wet my fingertips progressively until I find the perfect degree of exfoliation. (wow I realize that sounds complicated but trust me, it’s easy as pie).As for the rest, it’s the same routine as with the other exfoliant: every little corner, 3 minutes, rinsing etc.


look after your skin

With a masque. Or two… Or why not three, go ahead!

Because a problem has to be taken care of, on the right spot, and sometimes, unfortunately, problems are not the same on all your face’s areas.

So, we have all kinds of masques from Aesop for all kinds of little troubles, and you apply all of them in turns.

My own personal example: I alternate applications for two different masques (usually every other week).

Week 1:

Blue Chamomile hydrating masque on the cheeks, cheekbones, neck and above the upper eyelids (so the brow bone), and under your eyes. Simply because for me, these are the areas most easily dehydrated. (although a lot less now, ever since I started using Aesop as a daily ritual my skin is much less dehydrated. Let’s say it’s better to be safe than sorry.)

And on my nose, chin, forehead, the whole critical area (Yeah I know I’m the only one to notice but we all do the same right?) gets a Primrose cleasing masque treatment. It eliminates excess sebum (yep sebum only, unfortunately not the other excesses). The Terminator masque: eliminates everything.

After 20 minutes, during which I try to read a fascinating magazine like Cereal, Apartamento or Dinette, and NOT ironing or vacuuming my carpets (cause the whole point of a skin care is relaxing don’t you think?), well I’ll rinse it all.

Warm water, relaxation, clean towel, toner on cotton pad, you know the drill.

Week 2:

I’ll apply the Parsley seed masque on my whole face. I find it “formi-formi-formidable”. It gives your face an amazing radiance, a refreshed, healthy skin and all that jazz.  I leave it on for about 20 minutes too, just avoiding the eye contour. (On which you can apply the Blue Chamomile masque – only not too close to the eyes, or inside. Or else, no magazine reading. And no ironing either btw)


treat your skin

With your daily routine, and depending on the time you do your skincare.

If it’s in the morning or during the day, I apply the Eye Contour cream, the Lucent Facial concentrate to enhance the “glowing” effect on my face, and then the Mandarin cream (these days) or the Parsley Seed cream (in winter).

If it’s at night, like right before bedtime, I also apply the Eye Contour cream, and the B Triple C gel. And I know for sure that the morning after, my skin will be like IneverhadacigaretteoraglassofwineinmylifeandIgotobedat9everynight.

Which, in itself, is what we all want.

The B Triple C gel is great for tired, dull, combination or oily skins.

For dry or dehydrated skins, the Perfect cream will be your best ally, applied on top of a serum (the Lucent concentrate for instance), and I guarantee the same result!!!

Text by Céline / Photos by Ludovic di Orio