This month, just like every month since I’ve been old enough to be too lazy to go get a hair cut, I chose the Shine oil by Aésop.

My hair, abused by many risky hair dyes/bleachings, is kind of a wasteland since in addition to that I’ve decided to grow it longer. I’ll skip the details, we all know that situation. A haircut that’s nothing like what it first was, an 8-meter-long sorry excuse for bangs, the always winning combination of growing roots and split ends… You get the picture.

So, the magic product: the Shine oil for your hair (or your beard) (or both). In the morning or at night (or both) (I like to digress) just pour 2/3 drops of oil into your hands, rub them together and apply to the lengths and tips of your hair. Et voilà: princess hair! Shiny, soft and silky, your dry ends are moisturized and all this without any of  the usual oily-kinda gross residue. And if you want to, you can also leave it as a masque on your hair for a whole night,  before your morning shampoo.

Honesty, it’s awesome.

Roxane – Biutiful sales adviser