Come discover the newest perfume by Aésop, and the story of its genesis in the latest issue of Cereal.       Cereal issue 19   Perriand commença à construire son propre chalet dans la station de Méribel en 1960, même si le projet ne fut achevé qu’en 1978, faute de fonds. La maison est un […]

Your beauty assistants reveal all their secrets…

Self-massaging your face, or facial yoga.

Makeup – quick and easy – for Glow accessible to all.

If I had to choose one drink, only one, for the rest of my days, I’d pick coffee – with milk (okay yes water of course but it’s not as sexy) (and make it plant-based milk, let’s leave cows alone). After the gorgeous line of cups, coffee brewers and accessories by Kinto, simple and refined […]

By Thaïs For this piece, let’s discover Ma Thérapie, a clean skin care brand with a universe that deserves to be known and an attractive packaging.  This beautiful French brand of organic cosmetics and nutritional supplements was created by Céline Julien, a naturopath who is also specialized in aromatherapy. After her office experience, she decided […]